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A Healthier Work Environment: The Advantages of Standing Desks in Home Offices


The Rise of Remote Work During the Pandemic

After the worldwide outbreak, the manner we toil has experienced a notable alteration. The emergence of distant toil has brought unparalleled ease, enabling persons to carry out their duties from the coziness of their residences. Nevertheless, this change has also resulted in extended toil periods and diminished bodily exercise, escalating apprehensions regarding its effect on our fitness and welfare.

The Birth of MotionFurni: A Vision for Health and Sustainability

Arthur Anderson’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

Amidst this shift in work dynamics, Arthur Anderson, a former desk job employee, found himself facing new challenges. He had switched to remote work, spending the majority of his time within the limits of his home office. This shift not only disturbed his daily schedule but also had negative effects on his physical health.

Motivation to Create High-Quality Adjustable Height Desks

Recognizing the need for a solution that could alleviate the adverse effects of sedentary work, Arthur embarked on a mission. He envisioned a high-quality adjustable height desk that could provide comfort during long work hours. Simultaneously, he was determined to create a company that valued both human well-being and environmental sustainability.

The Founding Principles of MotionFurni: Health for Humans and the Planet

With a vision to bridge the gap between work efficiency and individual health, Arthur and a group of engineer friends founded the MotionFurni brand. Their core principles revolved around providing health, not only to humans but also to the planet. This ethos would shape their work and endeavors in the years to come.

The Desk Revolution: Quality vs. Low-Cost

The Influx of Adjustable Desks in the Market

As remote work gained traction, the market witnessed an influx of adjustable desks. These tables, frequently accessible at reduced cost levels, targeted to meet the increasing requirement for home office remedies. Nevertheless, not every one of them were constructed equivalent.

The Pitfalls of Low-Quality, Environmentally Harmful Products

Many of the lower-priced desks compromised on quality and sustainability. They often disregarded environmental concerns, contributing to environmental degradation. These products didn’t align with the values and vision that MotionFurni held dear.

MotionFurni’s Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

MotionFurni acknowledged the significance of offering top-notch, sustainable solutions to clients. They were dedicated to fabricating goods that not only enhanced the livelihoods of individuals but also had a beneficial effect on the ecosystem.

A Hub of Innovation: San Jose’s Role

Located in San Jose, a renowned furniture hub in the United States, MotionFurni had access to a comprehensive cluster of furniture products and resources. This strategic location greatly facilitated their mission to provide innovative and sustainable office solutions.

Ensuring Quality: Extensive Research and Testing

Arthur Anderson’s 13-Month Research Endeavor

To ensure the quality and standards of various standing desks in the market, Arthur Anderson embarked on an extensive 13-month research journey. He purchased and tested products from 87 of the world’s most famous electric standing desk manufacturers, including top brands in the US and various production enterprises.

Testing Products from 87 Electric Standing Desk Manufacturers

This rigorous testing process allowed MotionFurni to evaluate the quality levels and identify potential issues across different categories of electric standing desks.

The Development of MotionFurni’s Product Quality Standards

Based on their research findings, MotionFurni formulated product quality standards that would set them apart in the industry.

MotionFurni’s Product Range

Today, MotionFurni offers a diverse product line that includes small standing desks, adjustable desks for home offices, and electric standing desks for various office settings.

Adherence to Industry Standards and Certifications

Every product by MotionFurni adheres to the highest industry standards in design, production, and quality certification, including UL, BIFMA, FCC, and more.

MotionFurni’s Commitment to Long-Lasting, Eco-Friendly Products

MotionFurni’s responsibility extends beyond creating products; they aim to manufacture high-quality solutions that can be used for years, reducing the need for replacements.

Planting a Tree for Every Desk Sold

As part of their sustainability efforts, MotionFurni commits to planting a tree for every desk sold, with the goal of planting a million trees in a year.

Implementing the “3R Principle” for Sustainability

MotionFurni follows the “3R principle” – Reusing, Reducing, and Reimagining – within their products and beyond. They emphasize reusing parts, promoting joint desktops for efficient material use, and discouraging excessive consumption.

Leading the Change: MotionFurni’s Innovative Approach

MotionFurni as a Symbol of Innovation and Goal-Driven Entrepreneurship

MotionFurni doesn’t just provide furniture; they offer transformational tools molded by dedication and guided by lessons from nature. Their adjustable height desks are designed to promote health, productivity, and sustainability.

Adjustable Height Desks as Transformational Tools

These adjustable height desks aren’t merely pieces of furniture; they are tools that empower individuals to take control of their work environment and well-being.

MotionFurni’s Vision for a More Vibrant and Eco-Friendly Work Environment

As workplaces evolve and embrace more dynamic approaches, MotionFurni leads the way, offering a path towards a healthier, more productive, and environmentally friendly future.

Embrace Change and Elevate Workspaces

MotionFurni encourages individuals and businesses to embrace change, stand above the ordinary, and create workspaces aligned with the spirit of adventurers.

MotionFurni as Your Compass

As they embark on the journey towards vitality and well-being, let MotionFurni be your compass, guiding you towards a more vibrant and fulfilling work and life.


MotionFurni’s Impact on the Evolving Workplace

MotionFurni’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation is transforming the way we perceive and experience workspaces.

The Importance of Choosing Quality and Sustainability in Office Furniture

In a world where health, sustainability, and productivity are paramount, MotionFurni stands as a beacon of change, offering furniture solutions that make a positive impact on our lives and the planet.

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