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Achieving the Perfect Posture with MotionFurni’s Adjustable Standing Desks


In recent times, the work environment has experienced a significant change. The worldwide outbreak compelled numerous individuals to adjust to distant work, blurring the boundaries between personal and occupational areas. While remote work offers convenience, it also comes with health challenges, particularly the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. This is where MotionFurni steps in – a brand driven by a vision of a healthier workspace.

The Founder’s Journey

Meet Arthur Anderson, a seasoned expert in the furniture industry with 25 years of experience. As the Chief Structural Engineer, he’s designed and produced various types of furniture, serving tech giants like SpaceX, PayPal, and Amazon. His life took an unexpected turn with the global pandemic, pushing him and many others into remote work setups.

Working from home, while convenient, led to reduced exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle. The pandemic not only affected individuals’ health but also raised environmental concerns. Arthur pondered if there could be a high-quality solution for those who needed to work long hours in home offices. He envisioned a brand that could blend growth with environmental responsibility.

MotionFurni’s Founding Principles

The core principles of MotionFurni revolve around health – both for humans and nature. They recognized the intimate connection between human well-being and the environment, leading them to establish a brand dedicated to providing health.

Understanding the Market

The market saw a surge of adjustable desks, often with low prices but compromised quality. This influx of subpar options highlighted the need for high-quality alternatives. Located in San Jose, a renowned furniture hub, MotionFurni found itself in a favorable position to address these needs.

Quality Assurance

Arthur’s dedication to quality led to an extensive research journey. He spent a year purchasing and testing products from 87 world-renowned electric standing desk manufacturers. This comprehensive research confirmed quality levels, industry standards, and potential quality issues. These findings became the foundation for MotionFurni’s product quality standards.

MotionFurni’s Product Range

MotionFurni specializes in electric standing desks and related products, catering to diverse workspace needs, from home offices to corporate spaces. Every product adheres to the highest industry standards in design, production, and quality certification, such as UL, BIFMA, and FCC. Their 25-year warranty reflects their unwavering confidence in product quality.

Sustainability Initiatives

MotionFurni’s commitment extends beyond product quality. They aim to create products that last, reducing the need for replacements. Their pledge to plant a tree for every desk sold demonstrates their dedication to sustainability. Embracing the “3R Principle” – Reusing, Reducing, and Reimagining – they emphasize efficient material use and discourage excessive consumption.

MotionFurni’s Innovation

MotionFurni’s adjustable height desks are not just furniture; they are transformational tools crafted with dedication and guided by nature’s lessons. As workplaces evolve, MotionFurni leads the way, offering a path toward healthier, more productive, and environmentally-friendly futures.

Join the MotionFurni Journey It’s an invitation to embrace change, stand above the ordinary, and create a workspace infused with the spirit of adventurers. Let MotionFurni be your compass, guiding you towards a vibrant and fulfilling work and life.


In a rapidly changing world, MotionFurni emerges as a beacon of health, sustainability, and innovation. By prioritizing the well-being of individuals and the environment, they redefine the work experience and inspire us to join them on a journey towards vitality and well-being.

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