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Earth Day 2024: Celebrating our wins and continuing on our path to one trillion trees

At Tree-Nation, we celebrate Mother Earth every day. Nonetheless, #EarthDay is a special occasion where our entire community comes together to plant in honor of the biggest environmental movement in the world, which dates back to 1970. 

Our sponsors typically plant for the causes supported by our weekly Planting Habits or monthly Campaigns, but this week, Planting Habits and Campaigns are uniting forces to plant as much as we can for planet Earth. So far, we have planted over 179,000 #EarthDay trees out of our goal of 500,000. 

In terms of our mission to plant one trillion trees by 2050, this means that:

  • Our sponsors’ contributions for #EarthDay have helped us to reach over 38 million trees planted. We are excited about nearing the 50 million tree milestone, but still have a long way to go to reach one trillion.
  • Your planted trees will offset more than 15 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, compensating for emissions from industry, energy use, agriculture, and travel. We must keep offsetting, as 2023 saw the highest surface temperatures on record causing floods, cyclones, and droughts the world over. 
  • Your sponsorship currently funds 56 projects, with a significant presence in the global south. Our funds empower project holders to emerge as community leaders, and community members (often women) to have secure employment. As we grow, so does our ability to support them.

Let’s continue to make a difference
On Earth Day, we urge you to remember that we must all work together to offset and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, as both are necessary to effectively fight climate change. Tree-Nation will continue to celebrate #EarthDay until the end of the month, and we invite you to join us by planting! 

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