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Tree-Nation’s verification visit to the Restauration Forêts dégradées in France

By: Hugo Bitouzé, Head of Reforestation Projects, Tree-Nation Team

As part of our commitment to effective reforestation, the Tree-Nation team visit two key projects in France’s North-East region in October 2023: Agroforesterie et Boisement and Restauration Forêts dégradées, to do an on-site verification. Together, these initiatives have planted over 264,000 trees since 2018, focusing on a mix of fast-growing and soil-enriching species.

This visit had the objective of doing an on-site verification at six different sites, where we evaluated the projects’ operations, the challenges they faced, and the strategies in place for tree survival. Each site is distinct in its land type and the range of species planted, all under the careful management of forest experts.

What makes this project different from others is the initial phase of planting, which involves soil and forest analysis to optimize forest health. Also, the way the project carefully protects each tree planted, as well as the techniques to ensure good moisture for the roots, including clearing competing vegetation. These methods are crucial for the trees’ growth during the initial five-year period.

Part of the visit also aimed to identify any challenges the project has been going through. Some of them included the impact of climate change and wildlife threats, for which the project has already established some mitigation strategies, for example: planting diverse, climate-resilient species, with advanced planting techniques,  as well as protective measures against wildlife and pests.

Despite the challenges, the projects have demonstrated remarkable success. With a survival rate of 83% and strategic planting of diverse species, these initiatives are not only revitalizing the French forests but also setting a precedent in sustainable forestry practices.

This visit reaffirms the commitment to fostering resilient forests that can withstand the tests of time and climate. By continuously learning, adapting, and applying best practices, these projects contribute significantly to the ecological health and biodiversity of the region, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future for the forests of France.

For more details on our visit and future activities in these French forests, see the full article through the Project’s page.

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