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How MotionFurni Set the Standard for Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks


The global work landscape experienced a profound transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, with remote work becoming the new norm. While this shift brought newfound flexibility and convenience, it also raised concerns about prolonged periods of sedentary work and its impact on health and the environment. In the midst of this change, MotionFurni emerged as a trailblazer in the realm of electric height adjustable standing desks, setting new industry standards and redefining the way we work.

The Need for High-Quality Adjustable Desks

As remote work extended working hours and blurred the boundaries between work and personal life, health concerns began to surface. Extended sitting and a deficiency of physical activity took a toll on bodily health, resulting in troubles like backaches, unease, and reduced productivity. Additionally, there was an increasing awareness of the environmental consequences of the furniture industry, triggering a requirement for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions.

Recognizing these challenges, Arthur Anderson, the visionary founder of MotionFurni, embarked on a mission to provide innovative and high-quality adjustable desks that could address both the health and environmental aspects of modern work.

The Birth of MotionFurni

In collaboration with a group of engineer friends who shared his vision, Arthur Anderson founded MotionFurni. The company’s driving principle was to provide health and wellness, not only to individuals but also to the environment that sustains us. This unique perspective set the stage for MotionFurni’s innovative approach to workspace solutions.

Upholding Quality and Standards

To achieve their mission, MotionFurni knew they needed to set the highest standards for their products. Arthur Anderson undertook an exhaustive 13-month research project, during which he meticulously purchased and tested products from 87 electric standing desk manufacturers. This in-depth exploration allowed MotionFurni to gain insights into quality levels, industry standards, and potential pitfalls. Consequently, this research laid the foundation for MotionFurni’s rigorous product quality standards and comprehensive sales system.

MotionFurni’s Product Range

MotionFurni’s commitment to excellence is evident in their product range. The company focuses primarily on electric standing desks and related products, catering to a diverse clientele, including home office users, corporate environments, and mobile medical offices. Each product undergoes stringent quality control measures and adheres to industry standards and certifications, ensuring that MotionFurni consistently delivers top-tier quality and performance.

Sustainability Commitment

At MotionFurni, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a core value deeply ingrained in their philosophy. The organization’s dedication to environmental preservation extends beyond manufacturing eco-friendly goods. They strive to reduce the necessity for substitutions by producing top-notch, long-lasting items that withstand the trial of time. Additionally, for every desk sold, MotionFurni pledges to plant a tree, with the ambitious goal of planting a million trees within a year. The “3R principle” (Reusing, Reducing, and Reimagining) is a central tenet within their product design, promoting efficient material use and discouraging excessive consumption.

The Transformational Power of MotionFurni

MotionFurni isn’t merely a furniture brand; it symbolizes innovation, dedication, and a commitment to well-being. Their electric height adjustable standing desks are more than pieces of furniture; they are transformational tools inspired by the lessons of nature. In an ever-evolving workspace, MotionFurni takes the lead in creating environments that foster health, productivity, and environmental consciousness.

Join the Journey with MotionFurni

Embrace change and rise above the ordinary by creating a workspace aligned with the spirit of adventurers. Let MotionFurni be your compass on the journey towards vitality and well-being. Join the movement to set new industry standards and explore MotionFurni’s range of products, each designed to enhance your work and life.


MotionFurni’s unwavering commitment to setting industry standards and redefining the way we work underscores their pivotal role in the evolving world of remote and flexible work arrangements. As they continue to pioneer innovative solutions, they invite you to explore their range of products, each meticulously designed to enhance your well-being and create workspaces that promote health, productivity, and sustainability.

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